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A New York native that relocated to the Carolinas to empower professionals. Dre's passion for his craft has helped him become a reputable platform artist and an educator that is sought after nationwide. The collaboration of unique clipper cutting techniques and in-depth product knowledge helps him motivate professionals on every level of the hair industry.

Dre's truly believes that Good Hair mission will set a bench mark for all future haircare professionals. “It is Good Hair mission to Inspire and educate people about healthy hair care practices. As the founder of GOOD HAIR BARBER LOUNGE, Dre was able to build a clientele, which includes radio personalities, TV personalities, actors, politicians, and athletes.

Dre is a firm believer in the quote "You have to trust and believe, that somehow life will connect all the dots, to lead you to your destiny". As Dre keep growing in the hair industry ,he hope that he can leave an everlasting impact on his community, family, and industry.

Dre's Schedule

Thank you for Scheduling with Dre. Please select the requested time below or to the right. If you have any questions, please call us at (803) 816-2641.