Jonathan Rodriguez is a Puerto Rico native and an army veteran. In Jonathan’s teens him and his family relocated to the states where he could better focus on his future barber career.

Jonathan decided to enroll into cosmetology school in New Jersey, where he made it his mission to learn both how to style and cut men’s hair. To better suit his passion, Jonathan joined a well-known barbershop where he was able to learn the importance of creating an experience for ever client.

Now, Jonathan has relocated to the Carolinas and is a proud member of the Good Hair Barber Lounge team. Jonathan is a firm believer in the quote “you will never work a day in your life, if it’s doing what you love.”

My boy Johnathan is the GOAT! Moved to VA a few months ago and some days I be contemplating on catching a cheap flight back to Charlotte / Rock Hill just to get a cut. Haven’t found a barber that cuts my hair as good as my guy Jonathan since I moved away.

Marvin B.

Google Review

May 2020