Sam Pagan Jr.—AKA Semi—is a Connecticut native. He was only in high school when he fell in love with the art of barbering. When Sam turned 18 years old, he enrolled in cosmetology school aspiring to take his barbering skills to the professional level. He soon got his first opportunity to work in a barbershop where he was surrounded by some of the most talented barbers in the area. Being surrounded with all that talent only made him strive to become one of the ELITES! Sam has a total of 15 years of experience giving amazing haircuts. For 8 of those years, he successfully ran his own barbershop before relocating to the Carolinas to continue his barbering career.

Sam specializes in crisp, clean blends, sharp, precise lines and is pretty well known as "The Beard Doctor" by many. Once you get the infamous "Semi Special" it is said that you will never again question who should be cutting your hair.

So this was my first time here, I told them I had a very important interview coming up and I needed something professional and appropriate. They did exactly that. Sam was cool and had good conversations. Technique wise, he didn’t pull or tug on me. Straightforward, and smooth. Definitely would recommend Sam for anyone who is looking for a barber that’ll change your life. I’m gonna be sending my buddy there to Sam too cause this man needs a shape up bad😂

Ger T.

Google Review

February 2021